AVG PC Tuneup 2015 15.0.105

Give your PC a tuneup by scanning your hard drive, repairing problems and removing threats

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    2015 15.0.105

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    Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP

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AVG PC Tuneup 2015 15.0.105
AVG PC Tuneup 2015 14.0.1001.423

AVG TuneUp is a utilities suite for Windows that can fix common computer problems, optimize your PC and assist you in customizing your system.

AVG TuneUp is a platform for optimizing PC performance as well as fixing any problems that may arise and personalizing Windows to your preferences and usage patterns. It’s an amazing tool for all computer users but particularly casual users who may not have the resources to manage such problems themselves. Perhaps the best thing going for the program is that it’s quite simple to get started with.

When you run AVG TuneUp for the first, the program will automatically scan your PC for problems. You can schedule future scans as well as request a scan at any time. When a scan is complete, AVG TuneUp presents you with a list of found problems. You can attack these issues one at a time, but the program has a one-click maintenance mode that can even be automated. The program will activate the utilities needed to fix the various problems and have log available of all changes made when it’s done.

The user interface is streamlined and tabbed. One tab provides status information about your PC as well as gives you recommended actions. Another tab provides tools that help recover disk space by deleting unused files and so forth. Another lets you customize the look and feel of various Windows without having to dig around the oft-complicated settings structure of Windows itself.

AVG TuneUp packs a lot of utility into a single package. In addition to the items listed above, it can clean and repair the Windows registry. It can defragment your hard drives, optimize startup for faster boot times and restore files you’ve deleted accidentally. It can modify hidden Windows settings, check hard disks for errors, remove junk data, delete dupes, uninstall stubborn programs, help you take control of browser cookies and so much more.

Not all features available are activated through one-click maintenance, however. So, to get the most out of AVG TuneUp, you need to know what’s there and when to use it. This is probably the biggest complaint one can levy against the app. Too much useful stuff is tucked away, and it would be a plus if the program would do a better job teaching new users about all of these other options.


  • Effective tools selection
  • Easy to use and mostly automated


  • Good features hidden

When trying to work out all of the kinks and bugs to get the most out of your personal computer, AVG PC Tuneup will get the job done. One of the most formidable system maintenance tools currently on the market, AVG's PC Tuneup will provide a thorough analysis of your system, while delivering the best optimization on the market.

Some may be familiar with AVG's popular anti-virus product. Unlike that program, AVG PC Tuneup focuses more on the problems that lead to a slow-running computer that constantly freezes and crashes. PC Tuneup aims to clean up junk files that are cluttering up the system, fix issues within the registry and fix all pertinent performance issues.

AVG PC Tuneup comes equipped with a registry scanner, which locates errors within your Windows registry. This scan is exhaustive, covering all application paths, file associations and file extensions. When running this scan, be prepared for it to take quite a while to finish.

There are also the "System Adviser" and "Resource Usage" display tabs. The System Adviser shows users what they can do to make their system run more efficiently, while Resource Usage gives real time updates, letting you know what percentage of your PC's resources are currently being used.

AVG PC Tuneup also comes with Advanced Tools, which will enable users to keep their hard drive clean and track down duplicate versions of files. Advanced Tools also allows AVG PC Tuneup users to procure information about their history and past software installations. The entirety of your history can be wiped clean and all unnecessary data securely erased. These actions will free up valuable hard drive space.


  • AVG PC Tuneup comes with an impressive amount of Advanced Tools to keep your PC running optimally
  • This program provides users with a variety of helpful pointers and tips to drastically improve the performance of their computer
  • AVG's PC Tuneup analysis of resources is very thorough and comprehensive
  • Turbo Mode will help to restore your PC to its optimal speed
  • By clearing your PC of all useless clutter, AVG PC Tuneup will extend the life of your battery
  • Other tools include a disk defragment option, the ability to disable programs that are not essential to the computer upon start up, the uninstalling of applications that aren't necessary
  • Makes the changes needed to have your PC's start-up and shut-down modes running smoothly
  • Recover deleted files that have otherwise been lost


  • If you're using the trial version, then all of AVG PC Tuneup's utilities will not be available to you
  • Scanning for trial users is limited to three days
  • Occasionally, the program will misdiagnose certain issues and mistake useful materials for problematic ones, so browser credentials that are perfectly safe may be mistaken for errors

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